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Steve May 23, 2005 13:06

CE/SE method
Does anyone here have any experience and/or views about the CE/SE method? Is it as new and revolutionary as the articles on this site claim? I'm interested in any comments.

pau May 24, 2005 05:34

Re: CE/SE method \/ Riemann solvers-free
Absolutely interesting!!!!! of having Riemann solvers-free, i.e. how I describe it. Personally I don't have experience with it BUT I strongly feel like doing it to get into the depth then to compare with Riemann solvers. I don't think there will be any numerics better than Riemann problem based methods if CE/SE appears correct then….. ….and it is saying the new method valid for any system of PDEs without looking for the type of the system!

why do you think they've used the world ELEMENT in : Conservation Element and Solution Element Method

harish May 27, 2005 00:52

Re: CE/SE method
Have they produced some interesting results with the code


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