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raju.kct September 7, 2011 04:32

water hammer estimation
Hi friend,
Could you please tell me the approach to estimate the pressure rise in the system because of the water hammer effect?i've gone through some materials and mentioned that the equation ΔP=ρaV where ρ-density of liquid, a-Wave velocity (which includes pipe & liquid properties),V-Velocity of liquid flow at steady condition (i.e. before closing the valve) can be used, but for complex system i've some doubts in calculating impulse pressure, if the shock wave is propagating through a tube with lots of bends,will it affect the pressure raised during valve closure? And if two shock waves are coming in the opposite direction (when closing two valves together) and colliding at a point,is the pressure will be doubled at that point? or what will happen? As a beginner to this problem, i'm trying to understand the correct approach to calculate the pressure at least conservatively. Please correct me.
Thank you

raju.kct September 7, 2011 04:38

water hammer

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