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farocean97 September 12, 2011 10:57

HELP! Flow over both sides of a plate.
Hi. I am modeling a air flow through a plate with small holes and constant heat flux for the convective heat transfer coefficient.
For the plate, I am actually drawing the thickness of the plate since I will need the CHTC on both sides. I can set 'coupled' for the second line, which represents the bottom side of the plate.
My problem is, fluent will automatically create a 'shadow' plate for the upper side of the plate. And if I leave the 'shadow' plate as default, there will be no thermal profile along the plate on the upper side, which is totally wrong. If I set certain heat flux to the 'shadow' plate, the thermal profile will appear. But should I suppose to divide the heat flux to two portions, one for the regular upper face and one for its shadow? The CHTC obtained will not be the one I desire.
Can anyone explain why? and how to fix this problem?
Thank you very much.

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