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groonm September 15, 2011 17:28

radiation between solids in CFX
Hi all,

When modelling the heat removal by fluid I got problems in setting the proper radiation conditions/method. The model comprises two solid bodies separated by the vacuum. One body with volume heat generation is a radiation emitter with a certain emissivity of radiating surfaces. Another body is a radiation collector with the same (or different) emissivity of the surfaces and has a cooling channel with water circulating. The radiation heat exchange occurs between solids only. The question is how to simulate this radiation? I tried Monte Carlo method, surface-to-surface option with opaque boundaries and emissivity set to some value (0.8) As a result, the first body (emitter) reaches some equilibrium temperature, while the second does not receive any heat remaining at the initial temperature.
Could anybody who faced similar problems clear up? I would appreciate!

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