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DiverBill September 16, 2011 13:50

Important Oil Spill Solution seeking CFD help
Hello CFD People!

Dana Allan and I are seeking help in a modeling demo, in CFD, of an invention that we have here:

The specific help we're looking for and the reward for that valuable help is talked about here:

If you love the oceans of the world please take a look at what we are doing regarding stopping deep sea wellhead blowouts and respond - thank you!

We are also seeking connections into deep sea drilling companies to get our solution reviewed by them.

Bill Span in Seattle, WA

425 827 2431

DiverBill November 22, 2011 20:21

Hello Again!

We would love to hear from someone here regarding this offer.

thank you,

Bill Span

425 827 2431 in Seattle

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