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sayeem October 2, 2011 03:10

3D NACA 0012 Hydrofoil analysis data
Hi there
I need to find some reference data for 3D NACA0012. Data like Cd, Cl, Cp characteristics of the 3D NACA0012 foil. If you know about any paper or book that has those kind of data please let me know.

I tried to find some on the internet but it was not that helpful.

I will run some test case for the 3D NACA0012 to compare the results to check the robustness of my in-house code.

Thanks in advance

daveatstyacht October 15, 2011 18:51

Would a 3d NACA 0015 experimental data set be useful instead? I ask because
Free-Stream Characteristics,of a Family of Low-Aspect- Ratio, All-Movable Control Surfaces For Application to Ship Design
by L. Folger Whicker, et al, has a number of such results for various aspect ratios and tip shapes. It was published by NSWCCD formerly David Taylor Model Basin in 1958 (report 933).
Best of Luck

sayeem October 16, 2011 11:12

well dave that could do the trick

even though 3D NACA would be my first choice but i can do with NACA 0015 (3D) .....

thing is i gotta work with a fin keel from a yacht ....
before doing that i need to check the robustness of my code ...
so i am looking for any popular NACA series data either experimental or theoretical ......
my concern is related to the Cd Cl value of that particular series

so i guess it would be great help if you can provide any data on NACA 0015

thanks in advance

daveatstyacht October 16, 2011 11:53

The report I mentioned is available on the internet (google search the title and it shows up). The Cl and Cd are provided and the geometry is a constant section shape so it should be very easy to reproduce. The aspect ratios are of the region of interest for most yacht keels (1 - 3).


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