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zhvickie June 10, 2005 22:06

To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM
Dear Dr. Jasak, I know that you have written OpenFoam. However, that is too big code for me. I am a newbee for FVM method. Are there any FVM code for a new one?

Thanks, Zhvickie

zhvickie June 11, 2005 02:42

Re: To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM
can anyone provide Euler FVM code for airfoil case?

Hrvoje Jasak June 12, 2005 18:25

Re: To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM

I hope you can appreciate that FOAM is the project I use for my CFD research. I understand that 300 thousand+ lines of good C++ may be too complex for a beginner, but I haven't been working on a "small" code since about 1993. :)

The best I can do for you is to recommend some other software. The book:

Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics by Joel H. Ferziger and Milovan Peric

comes with a bunch of simple 1-D and 2-D codes written in Fortran, which should be straightforward to understand and are reasonably written to cover the basics of discretisation (transport equations and fluid flow), solvers, mesh handling, parallelisation etc. You can get the codes on:

If you'd like to expand on the physics and numerics you want to play with or require to do heavy-duty simulations, I still think FOAM is the best choice and worth the effort you need to put in at the beginning.

Good luck,


zxaar June 13, 2005 04:20

Re: To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM
i don't think one has to read the source code of FOAM to understand it (i mean that writing FOAM again will be foolishness, and if one wants to write you own code then reading source code is not good idea for its difficult to understand),

to understand FOAM its sufficient to read your thesis, everything (related to finite volume) is made perfectly clear and in consize manner. even reading the chapter related to descretisation is enough to move to finite volumes. then if one wishes to write own code he can plan his code based on the idea presented in the thesis (or peric's book etc).

qiangl June 13, 2005 06:37

Re: To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM
I disagree with zxaar, if you do not read src of FOAM you can not appreciate its elegance and verstility. It's the programming language, especilly C++( using almost all characteristics of C++, including inherit, template, Macro etc. I find I have already been the fan of FOAM!). If someone wants to understand mechanism behind FOAM and utilizes flexibly it, one should read src. Lately I am working on this. Hrv's thesis will be greatly helpful for comprehending physical and numerical meaning. Thanks Hrv and developers of FOAM. Enjoying!

zxaar June 13, 2005 07:37

Re: To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM
well you can disagree and i won't stop you from it, but from zhvickie post i made that he wants to learn FVM and assuming him as starter i think its better for him to read the thesis than to read the code.

another thing, i have been writing a code in c++ and was facing a problem (i was following perics approach) on unstructured grids so wanted to know how foam deals with it. so i downloaded foam and yes when i saw the code i found it daunting task to understand anything from it (well i am not so brainy as you), so i read the chapter from thesis about the descretisation and implemented it in my code. (things in my code din't improved by that but the prob was somewhere else and now thigs are fine in code). so i feel that if someone wants to write code to learn CFD its better to read book (as jasak mentioned) or read some thesis, jasak's thesis is good one.

Praveen June 13, 2005 23:18

Re: To Hrvoje Jasak : about FVM
Try NSC2KE written by Bijan Mohammadi

theja October 21, 2011 00:37

To Hrvoje Jasak
dear jasak

i am trying to solve a airpurifier which consists of 10% dust particles and 90% air please help me to choose a solver for solving the problem.

thanking your very much in advance


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