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naffrancois October 7, 2011 05:51

Euler computation on hybrid grid

For some strange reasons, I would like to perform an Euler computation of a NACA0012, M=0.8, a=1.25 on a hybrid grid.

Obvisouly, I encounter convergence problems :D, stall or crash.

Does any of you have some tips in order to enforce convergence ?

What I have:
- Time-stepping: Euler-Backward, RGK family
- Spatial scheme: central scalar, central matrix, and some upwind schemes
- Multigrid, Full-multigrid, single grid start-up
- Residual smoothing
- ...

What I tried so far:
- deactivate multigrid
- increase scalar dissipation coeffs
- lowering CFL up to 1 for Euler Backward time-stepping

Not working so far... any help would be highly appreciated !


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