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Miqu Lehtinen June 22, 1999 08:40

Supercritical steam flow through orifice (/nozzle)
Hi there!

I'm a M.Sc. student and CFD is not my special area. Anyway, I would need some information (article, book, equation, advices...) how to calculate the mass flow rate of supercritical steam (or another liquid) through orifice, restriction or/and nozzle. Or is it possible to use equations for liquid flow or a real gas flow? Pressure ratio would be less or equal to critical.

Thanks for your help!!

Md. Ziaul Islam June 22, 1999 13:43

Re: Supercritical steam flow through orifice (/nozzle)
I would recommend you to use conservation of mass, momentum and energy equations for one-dimentional nozzle flows. You can try to use JANAF thermochemical tables to calculate enthalpy. Enthalpy is a function of temperature. So if you can write first or second order polynomial equations for enthalpy as a function of temperature using regression analysis or other statistical analysis and can use these equations in your problem. Good luck.

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