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yukn October 8, 2011 06:43

continuum surface tension model
i'm attempting to use Continuum Surface Force model by Brackbill to simulate surface tension in the same situation as him.
Although it is necessary to confirm the validity of my calculation result, the unit of surface tension force used in his paper is not known.
He said that surface tension force(=F_sf) is given by σnκ/[c]. Moreover, he calculated surface tension force using the following properties.

the radius of droplet(=R) = 2cm
density of droplet(=ρ2) = 1 g/cm^3
density of background fluid(=ρ1) = 0.50 g/cm^3
surface tension coeficient(=σ) = 23.61 dynes/cm
the jump in the color(=[c]) = ρ2-ρ1 = 1-0.5 = 0.5

Therefore, F_sf = 23.61*n*(1/2)/(0.5)=23.61*n = 23.61 (n = 1.0 on the midline of droplet by the paper)
However, The maximum surface tension force in his calculation result is about 1.5.

please tell me the reason.

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