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anggie October 10, 2011 08:31

SPH Fluid-Solid Interaction
Hi all...glad to join this forum.
Sorry if I posted in wrong section.

Currently I developed SPH code to simulate water flow in a pipe. The code can handle simulation of fluid well, but I don't implement for solid-fluid interaction yet.

So far I've read many papers about that, and found that solid object can be represented by particle too, with different parameters of course (like mass, etc.). There's also explanation about "Elastic Force". Yes, from here I got confused.

My question are:
  1. Is Elastic force calculated for "all particle", including fluid-type particle?
  2. Is computation of SPH as usual (pressure, density, pressure force, viscosity force) is applied too for "solid-type-particle"?
  3. What about smoothing length? Is it different between "solid-type" and "fluid-type"?

Okay, that is. Please help me.:)

Best regards.

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