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Julien Mazallon June 22, 1999 10:21

With CFD software ?

I'm at present using on a daily basis Ansys(Emag&structure) and Promechanica. Now I'm planing to aquire a CFD code for our specific requirements:

-liquid mono and multi species.

-laminar and turbulent flow.

-compressible and uncompressible.

-sub and supersonic flow (Mach<3).

-ability to have transient mesh displacement

(typicaly: moving ball in an hydraulic valve)

Is the best option to get Ansys Multiphysics with Flotran, to have the ability to do coupling fluid/structure or must I buy a software only dedicated to CFD (Fluent, StarCD, Flow3D, etc ....)? Is Flotran as efficient as the other codes? What are the differences?

Any opinion will be greatly appreciated!!

Julien Mazallon

Design Eng


John C. Chien June 22, 1999 12:21

Re: With CFD software ?
(1). It is like buying a car, I think, in addition to the budget available, it is important to test drive the car first. (2). So, talk to each dealer and find out whether you like the car, the price, and the service. (3). If I were you, I would come up with a test case of interest and ask each vendor to get the result ( for a reasonable fee I think ) first. (4) Then, from the results, you can determine what to do next based on other factors I just mentioned. (5). If you don't have the time to find out the detail information, you can hire a contractor to put all the information together for you. (6). If you are serious about solving your CFD problems, it is worthwhile to invest in this home work exercise first.

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