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bernard June 23, 1999 00:01

pulsatile flow
i am trying to simulate pulsatile blood flow through an 2-d pipe ..using FLUENT v4.3.....would to seek advice on the proper implementation of boundary conditions especially the inlety and outlet of the pipe i have specified symmetry at the center of pipe and wall condition on the pipe wall... cos the physiological pulsatile flow has pressure and velocity waveform of different phase....which is the difficult do i go about implementing the boundaries into FLUENT???assuming that i have the press and velocity waveform thanks

rick June 25, 1999 03:27

Re: pulsatile flow
I think the velocity waveform, you mean the flux waveform are known for you. The inlet condition is usually taken as the plug shaped flow profile, and the outlet should be a stress free condition.

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