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Joey June 16, 2005 10:23

Does anybody know the code "PHASES"?
Dear friends: Now I'm carring out a project including evaporing and solification. I nearly have no experience of simulating heat transmission with phase changing.I found a free code named (PHASES) through the CFD Resource Online.But I can not find the web site of it. I need the code bitterly. Is there anyone know about it? Could you email me? Thanks a lot!


Joey June 17, 2005 02:19

Re: Does anybody know the code "PHASES"?
It seems nobody know anything about it. Does anybody knows about any code that can simulate heat transmission with multiphase chaning ? Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advanced! Eagerly waiting for your reply. Joey

Hubert Janocha June 19, 2005 16:52

Re: Does anybody know the code "PHASES"?
I don't know a code "phases", but I know a code which starts the prepprocessor with the name phase1 mesh generation phase2 phase4 solving with the exec. phase5 and postproc with phase6

The code is VECTIS by Ricardo. Perhaps you think of this code. This code can do what you have discribed.

Joey June 20, 2005 01:17

Re: Does anybody know the code "PHASES"?
Thanks a lot! I will try.

ishwarmara February 11, 2013 07:41

I m trying to simulate the combustion process in Ricardo Vectis. I could simulate compression process successfully But during combustion at 345.5 deg it says that " P out of the range in prpty routine
P= -33.6; Range: 0.0-300"
Please hep me....i have the conducted the simulation at least 50times....i m getting the same msg...please help me...........:( how to fix this
Thanks in advance........:)

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