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drrbradford October 23, 2011 11:32

Butterfly Mesh Generation
So I have had some reasonable results using a hemispherical domain to look at the flow around a slender axisymmetric body at high angles of attack. However, the singularity at the nosetip created by the process of sweeping a 2D face mesh introduces an error into the results close to the tip.

To avoid this, I would like to use a structured butterfly mesh. I see that CFD-GEOM has an option to create butterfly faces but I do not have access to it. Can anyone recommend any alternative software which has this option?

If not, can anyone recommend a meshing strategy using something like gMsh? I have an idea where to start (create the tip geometry using a revolve tool and then create some circular arcs which are coincident with the surface but the latter I haven't quite figured out how to do yet) but some guidance would be appreciated.


drrbradford December 7, 2012 12:10

So all this time and still no help? Hah! Seriously, can anyone point me to any open source software in which I can do this?

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