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Harith K. Alwan June 23, 1999 05:59

CFD Package
Can I get advice on a CFD software that can simulate the flow patterns through a Francis type hydropower generating turbine. Can the suggested software be implemented to simulate flow through other components of the system like the inlet, penstock, and draft tube.

John C. Chien June 23, 1999 09:58

Re: CFD Package
(1). A CFD program simply can not simulate the flow field by itself. People do. (2). This is very important.(see posting of Divergence Detected a few lines down.) (3). When one transplants a program, one has to create an identical environment ( or as close as possible) for it. Otherwise, it can not survive in the new environment. (4). So, look for living things (like people) first, and then find out whether the program they developed can be transplanted to a new environment or not. (5). When people say that they have a program which can solve your problem, the key to the solution is "they" not the "program". (5). In other word, "you" + "someone's programs" is not always = "your solutions". (6). So, identify your goal first, whether you are looking for "information about someone + someone's program", or " information about someone's program only", or " information about you + someone's program ", or " solution to your problem". (7). Which one is your real question?

Jim Park June 23, 1999 12:35

Re: CFD Package
You might contact Dr. Bill Waldrop ( He did some water turbine simulations while at the Tennessee Valley Authority. He's now consulting.

Good luck!


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