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Alfonso Villanueva June 23, 2005 10:01

PLOT3D Equations
Hi all,

I'm currently employing FieldView to post-process PLOT3D solution files coming out of my main solver code. Fieldview calculates any of the thermodynamic and dynamic variables (entropy, pressure, temp, etc) out of the 5 basic PLOT3D variables (rho, x-y-z momentums and energy). According to the Manual the form to calculate and NORMALIZE these variables is done following the "PLOT3D EQUATIONS" but no further specs are provided. I wonder if there is a standard way (related to the PLOT3D standard/format) to compute and normalize these variables out of the PLOT3D 5 basics. I would trully find this information useful since I really don't know what are the results I'm looking at.


Alfonso Villanueva Graduate Student Gas Turbine Laboratory M.I.T

Mani June 23, 2005 16:51

Re: PLOT3D Equations
All you need to know is how the plot3d data are nondimensionalized. You should then be able to obtain any primitive variable from the conservative ones. Find out more on this website:

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