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Riaan June 27, 2005 15:24

Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?
Hi guys,

For Aerospace applications (up to transonic, internal, external flow, heat) - Can you give me your opinions of the software (Ansys CFX and Fluent) and maybe give me some details regarding their relative strengths and weaknesses?

I am a Fluent 6.2 user, but have no experience with CFX.

Thanks !

ben June 28, 2005 09:07

Re: Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?
try STAR-CCM+ (CD-adapco's new code), hasnt got much multi physics but is very good for external aero so i have heard and is easy to use

Phil Zwart June 30, 2005 14:20

Re: Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?
I have no experience with Fluent, but CFX is strong with its turbulence models and its coupled solver. There's some nice results on aerospace benchmarks from the Flomania project. Contact your nearest CFX rep for details.

Jonno July 1, 2005 03:27

Re: Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?
I agree with Ben. Polyherdal meshing is lightyears ahead of what any other code is capable of doing. CD led the way with STAR-CCM...others need to play catchup.

Expect to see this technology in Fluent and CFX soon!!

ben July 1, 2005 11:14

Re: Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?
yeah polyhedral meshes are v v impressive if the data that cd is putting out is correct it will be the way to go

zxaar July 3, 2005 22:47

Re: Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?
have you people seen the results accuracy differences with same msh size calcualtions using tet and polyhedral meshes.

after thinking a little for my problems, i won't go with polyhedaral meshes.

Phil Zwart July 4, 2005 17:24

Re: Fluent or CFX - strenghts, weaknesses?

faee0 March 15, 2010 04:13

try cfd-fastran

Hamidzoka March 15, 2010 06:32

Dear Riaan
CFX software is more compatible for turbomachine flows modeling compared with fluent.
What i am going to propose is NUMECA. it is really a powerful software for the means of turbomachinery flows modeling. it can easily model the stages, cooling and bleeding, conjugate heat transfer, blade design and optimization analysis. it nas its own limitations. but i prefer it to CFX and invite to try it.


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