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ray hong June 23, 1999 13:51

documentation of Gambit

Can any one tell me how to obtain the documentation of Gambit, especially, from the web site?

Thanks a lot.


gambit-user June 24, 1999 17:36

Re: documentation of Gambit
sorry, but the best is, NOT to use gambit if you do not have only easy geometry. i tried one week, to close a volume. now it is closed, but the mesher of gambit does not work.

Eric Grald June 28, 1999 14:12

Re: documentation of Gambit
Dear Ray,

Please call our office in Lebanon, NH at 603 643-2600 and ask for our University Administrator. She will be happy to arrange for a set of GAMBIT documentation to be sent to you.

Best regards,

Eric Grald

Scott Gilmore June 30, 1999 07:04

Re: documentation of Gambit
Would the person who posted as "gambit-user" please provide your name, company or university name, and phone number? We can then arrange for the nearest Fluent office to contact you to investigate your problem.

One should not automatically assume that failure to mesh is a code bug. There are several valid reasons for meshing to fail, including insufficient memory on the workstation, inappropriate surface mesh resolution at very small gaps for tetrahedral (TGrid) meshing, and hexahedral/tetrahedral hybrid meshing in which you are placing transition pyramids on highly-stretched quadrilaterals (which results in pyramid triangles with unacceptably-high skewness). Our technical support experts can help you identify the cause of the problem.

In response to the original question, the full Gambit documentation set is also available online. Simply open the Help menu and choose Table of Contents... (Requires an HTML browser such as Netscape.) You can then browse the hyperlinked text to easily find what you are looking for. You can also get help on a specific function by choosing Quick from the Help menu and then clicking on the toolpad button for the function of interest. The online documentation also includes information not in the printed manuals, including release notes and documentation of Gambit's "Default" parameters.


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