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Marcus123 November 5, 2011 13:44

CFD Software
Hi there,

I'm after a CFD program which is easy to use for 'beginners'.
I want to determine wind velocities and forces in different places of buildings (e.g. roof, walls etc.) as a result of wind, i.e. how the wind is 'distributed'.
I want to do this for different types of buildings and various constraints (e.g. how do solar panels on the roof affect the velocities and forces etc.).
The results don't have to be extremely accurate but should give me a realistic idea of what is going on.
I'm confident there is some software out there which can exactly do what I want. If you know of such a software, can you please let me know?

Many Thanks!


cdegroot November 5, 2011 14:47

All decent CFD programs will have a learning curve. I don't know of any where a complete beginner can start using it right away to obtain reasonable results. Since your geometries are not going to be that straightforward, you are going to need to learn how to make decent quality meshes. For wind engineering applications you are going to need to learn a bit about turbulence models. For flow around a building, the computational requirements will likely be significant. These are some things to keep in mind. That being said, you can probably solve your problem in Fluent, but as a beginner you should try some simpler flows first to learn how to use the software.

Marcus123 November 14, 2011 15:42

Thanks a lot!

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