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Marcus123 November 6, 2011 13:10

How to get into CFD?
Hi there,

I'm a complete beginner in terms of CFD but very interested.
I'm wondering what the best way forward is to find out more about the subject. Currently I'm not thinking about studying (at a university) but rather do courses and read books.
My final aim is to determine wind velocities and forces in different places of buildings (e.g. roof, walls etc.) as a result of wind, i.e. how the wind is 'distributed'.
Does anyone know which type of course I need and who provides this type of courses?
Also, which literature can I start with?
Any help on how to get into this matter is more than welcome, thanks a lot!!



cfdnewbie November 7, 2011 15:25

Hi Klaus (funny name for a guy from London btw, no offense intended ;) ),
if you are willing to spend some money, there's a course on intro to CFD held at the Von Karman Institute in Brussels (just google vki, cfd, John Anderson) each January, although I'm not sure if it is too advanced for a total beginner.

There's however one book I'd recommend, if you work through that, you'll be well prepared for advanced topics:

It's written for a beginner with no previous knowledge but some engineering background. Very thick volume, very thorough.

You might try it!

cfd newb

Marcus123 November 14, 2011 14:40

How to get into CFD?
Thanks a lot! Klaus is a typical name here in London ;)

diamondx November 14, 2011 15:21

You can also try Itunes U. there is a course about CFD in university of boston if my memory is good. Good luck anyway

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