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Yun Heming June 29, 2005 02:58

how to set the boundery condition ?
hi!I want to do a simulation for 2-dimention adverse-courrent heat exchanger by use the code-Fluent? but i don't know how to set the boundery condiontions.In the fluent help(user's guide),there are a few sentence to descript for it ,but see not clear,that is"Modeling Heat Transfer in Two Separated Fluid Regions

If your heat transfer application involves two fluid regions separated by a solid zone or a wall, as illustrated in Figure 11.2.2, you will need to define the problem with some care. Specifically:

You should not use outflow boundary conditions in either fluid.

You can establish separate fluid properties by selecting a different fluid material for each zone. (For species calculations, however, you can only select a single mixture material for the entire domain.)

" who can help me, thanks a lot !!!

Andrew Hayes June 29, 2005 09:08

Re: how to set the boundery condition ?
have you tried looking on Fluent's webpage for any tutorials dealing with heat exchangers? I have done mixing problems using the species. I was able to completely separate the fluids by defining them as 100% in each of their respective areas of flows. So, I would have 100% of fluid A in flow channel 1 and 100% of fluid B in flow channel 2. I have never tried a heat exchanger that way though.

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