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Leonardo Trindade June 24, 1999 16:57

Fluid-magnetic coupling
Dear CFX users,

I am a PhD student and I am developing a model to solve the fluid-magnetic problem. Recently, our labor buy a CFX4 software and I would like to create a routine to solve the maxwell equations. If someone knows anything about this subject...

Sincerely yours


Patrick Godon June 25, 1999 11:49

Re: Fluid-magnetic coupling
Hi THere,

a good start would be to have a look at the review paper of P.H. Roberts, "Magnetohydrodynamics", in Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, Vol.9, page 111 to 156 (1994 VCH Publishers, Inc. ISBN 1-56081-068-8).

You will find there not only the Equations of Electrodynamics, and Fluid Mechanics but also all the numbers (e.g. Magnetic Reynolds number, etc..) and basic process that occur in MHD (e.g. Alfven waves, etc..). THere are there also a good bunch of references to papers and books.

Basically you have to add the magnetic force acting on the current J, due to the magnetic field B, namely JxB. And to solve for the field and current using the Maxwell equations. Similar terms are also added to the energy equations, etc...

There are also some 2D and 3D MHD codes available in the academia for free (ZEUS 2D and 3D).

Cheers, Patrick.

Andy June 28, 1999 06:02

Re: Fluid-magnetic coupling
Doesn't Fluent already have a magnetic capability? Maybe there apporach would help you?

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