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lavan July 1, 2005 19:58

Exit Boundary Conditions N-S equations
I am trying to solve the unsteady compressible boundary layer problem for subsonic flow using FVM. What are the outflow boundary conditions i can specify to get accurate solution. At the end of the plate still viscous effects are present. so, what are extra boundary conditions i have to mention compare to Euler equations at outflow.

Thank you.

Jaan Pu July 2, 2005 02:32

Re: Exit Boundary Conditions N-S equations
the boundary conditions are solely depends on the outflow environment. solid or tranmissive maybe something you should look for.

ganesh July 2, 2005 03:10

Re: Exit Boundary Conditions N-S equations
Dear Lavan,

A Reimann BC would have been a good option, but theoretically this is valid only for isentropic case and hence you cannot use it for an 'accurate' solution. Nevertheless you can try it out for yourself. Another option is to extend your domain a little further wherein the extended part of the plate is given an inviscid b.c after which you can use the Reimann B.C. safely.

Hope this helps



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