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ftimis November 18, 2011 13:46

Unsteady Laminar Pipe Flow
Hi guys,

I am new here and generally not so experienced in using CFD softwares. I am currently working on Fluent trying to analyze a 2-D axisymmetric unsteady laminar pipe flow. I have designed the geometry using Gambit. I have to end up with a graph of volumetric flow rate over time. So I can imagine that I have to put a various velocity input (let say a sin function of time) instead of a constant one. How can I achieve this? I hope that I am clear.

Thank you

ftimis November 19, 2011 09:00

I know that maybe I was not so clear about what I was saying. After some research I think that I have to use a UDF related to time-dependent simulations using RP variable macros, e.g RP_Get_Real("flow-time"). Does anyone have any idea how can I find these UDF?

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