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Lysistrata November 19, 2011 13:50

ITTC: Epic Validation Fail?
I just read some interesting reports from the 26th ITTC.

CFD people might be interested in the report of the CFD Specilaist Committee.

There are also some data for towing tank tests with 2 geosims of the DTMB 5415 Combatant hulls in "The Resistance Committee Report.

Unfortunately the data is sometimes very unreliable. It doesn't make me trust towing tank results very much!

I have tried to email the ITTC a few times with some questions and to tell them about the mistakes in their reports but nobody ever answers.
Maybe they just like to have their names on the Committe for prestige, but don't like to do work?

Maybe CFD Online should put a link to the reports on their list of "Validation Cases".
But also put a note next to the link to say that there might be many errors.
I would put "Epic Fail" next to it if I was the moderator (Haha).

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