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entropies November 20, 2011 23:55

1D gas feeding/dissipating process

I have a 1d problem of simulating gas feeding and dissipating process. The initial state of the tube is nearly vacuum. And the gas coming in has an atomsphere condition.

I've built my code in non-dimensional form and the feeding process works OK. But the problem comes out in the dissipation process which I don't know how to apply a mass out b.c.

The case I did is at time (t=1), a gradually decreasing density and pressure is applied at the last cell of the pipe. But it turns out only the state at the last cell changed. The rest of the domain is still under gas feeding condition.


entropies November 20, 2011 23:56

I really want to upload a movie about this. But the size of the vedio is about 997K. Is there anyone knows how to upload it another way?


entropies November 21, 2011 00:26

Finally find a way to watch movie
Here is the link to it. The flux is calculated by HLLC method.

Welcome to give critics.

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