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nurul_msia November 22, 2011 11:03

Problem with pump simulation using Solidwork 2010
i'm currently doing flow simulation of pump using Solidwork 2010. The result after the simulation showed the inlet pressure greater than outlet. In my understanding of pump, pressure inlet must less than outlet. Any one can help me why does this happen??? my boundary condition as below:

inlet BC: volume flow rate (absolute selection)
outlet BC: environment pressure
wall: Real wall for the specific non-rotating wall (stator)

surface goal: inlet static pressure
surface goal: outlet bulk static pressure
torque: for the rotating impeller
pressure drop: pressure inlet-pressure outlet
efficiency: pressure drop*volume flow rate/rotational speed/torque

result after simulation:

pressure inlet: 114691 Pa
pressure outlet: 101737 Pa

please help me...

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