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Bo B. B. Jensen June 25, 1999 05:32

Measurements on turbulent pipe flow

Please help me. I need some flow data for a straight smooth pipe. If anyone has the velocity profiles for a fully developed turbulent flow I would appreciate if I could get them. The will be used for verification of a cfd-solver.



Richard Carroni June 26, 1999 03:52

Re: Measurements on turbulent pipe flow
Hi, see 'Detailed Measurements of the Near Wall Region of Turbulent Pipe Flow,' by Durst, F., Jovanovic, J. and Sender, J., FED-Vol. 146 Data For Validation of CFD Codes (Book No. H00786) 1993. 'Hard' data (i.e. numerical values) are presented in column-type form. The same data is given in graph form in 'LDA Measurements in the Near-Wall Region of a Turbulent Pipe Flow,' same authors, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 295, pp. 305-335, 1995.

Hope this helps,


olus boratav June 28, 1999 11:10

Re: Measurements on turbulent pipe flow

There is very recent pipe data by Zagarola and Smits from 'super-pipe' experiments in Princeton. There is one or more paper(s) in Phys.Rev.Lett (or E) and recent JFM(s).

This is state-of-the-art data. Its interpretation stirred some exciting discussions between this group and Barenblatt-Chorin. The theme of the discussions was: log-law or power-law ?

I will try to dig out the full references if there is difficulty finding them.

Olus Boratav

John C. Chien June 29, 1999 12:38

Re: Measurements on turbulent pipe flow
(1). You should be able to find some useful data from two standard books. (2). Schlichting's Boundary Layer Theory (3). Hinze's Turbulence Both are published by McGraw Hill Company.

Niels Deen June 30, 1999 05:34

Re: Measurements on turbulent pipe flow

Hi Bo,

You could also try the PhD thesis of Jack Eggels: "Direct and Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow in a Cylindrical Pipe Geometry",Delft Univeristy,1994

or one of the connected publications:

J.G.M. Eggels, F. Unger, M.H. Weiss, J. Westerweel, R.J. Adrian, R. Friedrich & F.T.M. Nieuwstadt ``Fully developed turbulent pipe flow: a comparison between direct numerical simulation and experiment.'' J. Fluid Mech. 268 (1994) 175-209

Kind regards,

Niels Deen

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