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aero_suresh November 25, 2011 21:22

Hypermesh Vs ICEM CFD
Among these two meshing software (Hypermesh and ICEM CFD), which is the best software in terms of quality.


cfd_newbie November 25, 2011 22:14

It's a matter of personal choice. However Hypermesh has been traditionally used more by people involved in Structural analysis and ICEM by people using CFD. I find ANSYS work bench meshing easiest to learn and use, it may not be as advanced but has all the things generally required for a CFD analysis in ANSYS workbench.

aero_suresh November 25, 2011 22:24

Hi Raashid,
thank you for your reply.
Is Ansys workbench meshing and Ansys ICEM-CFD meshing are different software?

cfd_newbie November 25, 2011 22:29

Yes they are, ICEM is a matured product but the good thing is it's very versatile while ANSYS workbench meshing does not have some of the advance mesh manipulation options but creates decent quality mesh quickly. See ANSYS website for more details.

aero_suresh November 25, 2011 22:34

Thank you Raashid Baig.

Pauli November 27, 2011 10:45

I have no ICEM experience. I find Hypermesh does a rather poor job handling geometry. If you need to do geometry cleanup/manipulation operations be prepared for a tedious saga. Final mesh quality is impacted by the geometry quality. It is possible to make a good quality mesh. But starting with real world CAD data, it usually takes (what should be) extra unnecessary work.

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