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STAC November 29, 2011 16:16

Hydro Penstock BOUNDARY Conditions
Good Afternoon All,

I am doing a Steady State CFD analysis of a Hydro Penstock Y connexion both pipes have 11 ft in diam. Connexion is at 62 degrees. Two Inlets and One Outlet with ANSYS 13.

For boundary conditions I am giving the Velocities at inlet 1 and 2. At the outlet (0nly one) I am putting a zero Pressure.

Some of my collegues are arguing that I should also input the elevation of all inlets and the outlet to take into account the weight of the water body.

Moreover, they want me to give a non-zero pressure value at the outlet since I am not under atmospheric pressure.

Are they correct and am I wrong. (inlet velocities are 4 and 5 m/sec) differential in elevation is about 20 meter or 60 ft.

Thank you for your help - A Boundary lost friend :D

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