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Tanaka July 11, 2005 21:55

Advection scheme
Hi ! Would you please advise which EXPLICIT scheme is best/good for solving pure advection problems that gurantees the mass conservation? Thanking. Tanaka.

Junseok Kim July 11, 2005 23:21

Re: Advection scheme
If you use conservative advection form, then the mass conservation is gurantted.

Tanaka July 11, 2005 23:40

Re: Advection scheme
Hi Kim thanx for the quick response. I will use conservative form. But please tell the name of the scheme, which is not diffusive, non-oscilllatory and perfectly conserves the mass. Thankx again, Tananka

Junseok Kim July 11, 2005 23:49

Re: Advection scheme
ENO or WENO are quite popular these days for the advection scheme. You can look at Chi-Wang Shu's webpage for the references.

Tanaka July 11, 2005 23:55

Re: Advection scheme
Thank you very much Dr. Kim. Would you kindly email me a copy of the code (fortran or c or c++) for any of the these schemes. I want to incorporate in my 3D code. Tanaka, Japan

Junseok Kim July 12, 2005 00:06

Re: Advection scheme
Send your code to me, then I will add the 2nd order ENO or the 5th order WENO advection scheme and send you back. If possible, send related paper for your code for me to better understand your code.


Michail Kirichkov July 12, 2005 01:06

Re: Advection scheme
It seems to me that HLPA scheme by Zhu J. is the best

See article

Low-diffusive and oscillation-free convection scheme // Communication and Applied Numerical Methods, 1991. 7, N 3 225-232

Tanaka July 12, 2005 01:08

Re: Advection scheme
Thanx a lot for the input, I will check the article regards, Tanaka

Junseok Kim July 12, 2005 01:36

Journal of Computational Physics 150, 561594 (1999)

"A High-Order WENO Finite Difference Scheme for the Equations of Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics"

Guang-Shan Jiang and Cheng-chin Wu

Michail Kirichkov July 12, 2005 02:42

Re: Advection scheme
Dear Tanaka

Unfortunately I have not the article, I myself far away from it. :((

But I found description using Google and here is the link

see chapter 4


Michail Kirichkov July 12, 2005 02:47

Re: Advection scheme
to be more exact

at the page you open will be

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Course, Navier-Stokes and Heat Convection Equations

Chapter 2: Numerical Thermal Analysis I: Finite Difference Method

Chapter 3: Numerical Thermal Analysis II: Finite Volume Method

Chapter 4: Phenomenology of Turbulence

Chapter 5: Turbulence Modelling


- Choose Chapter 3

- there will be Chapter 4 (in pdf)

- page 56

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