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lakeat December 2, 2011 16:18

Mesh smoothing and optimization code?
Dear all,

Given a initial mesh, I'd like to see its points moving to reach to a much smoother mesh.

Anyone knows if there is any code available that can do the mesh smoothing and optimization? Any recommendations?

It would be good if it can handle the hex mesh.

And it would be even better if it can have a simple command interface, something like


"new mesh points position"=smoothingFunction(old mesh points position)
I am working on external flow, the flow around the bluff body.

Thanks a lot,

arjun December 2, 2011 18:50

I have this , it details the smoothing methods in detail. Try finding it.

Unfortunately for you I have hard copy of it so won't be able to share. (I bought it for light reading but yet to read it).

praveen December 3, 2011 08:39

Maybe this is relevant to your question

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