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saeedi December 3, 2011 19:07

PETSC solvers
Hi there,

I have a 3-D MPI-FORTRAN parallel code for incomp turbulent flow.
I use multi grid for pressure equation and ADI for momentum.
I want to use the solvers of PTESC (due to their higher efficiency), but I have no experience about PETSC and there is no good tutorial for that (only one manual is avaiable).

So if you have any experience with PETSC, could you please let me know if I only need to call the routines of PETSC (and having the package installed on the cluster) or there is more than that?

Any further useful info. about PETSC is welcome.
(I have worked only with MPI so far)

Thank you so much in advance

quarkz December 4, 2011 11:13

hi, there's actually a lot of examples inside when you download the tar file, although most are in c. but that's how I learn too. if you encounter problems, you can email their user list. Ans are usually given very fast. can check their website for more info.

lalupp December 17, 2011 08:07

OPENFVM free cfd code is based on petsc (parallel version)
check its parallel coding
easy to understand

good luck

I Have used petsc but is a heavy weight solver, It seems it needs infiniband
for maximum 2 million cells can u suggest anly light weight parallel solver

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