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motorbean December 7, 2011 17:13

higher total pressure at inlet
Hi, dear everyone:)

I'm having a problem in fluent 3D CFD result.

I'm running a 3D linear cascade model. The inlet velocity is 20m/s. The inlet boundary condition is velocity inlet, with the magnitude and angle of velocity specified. The oulet is pressure outlet(equal to operating condition). the operating condition is 1 atm=101325pa.

The problem is: after the simulation, I usually find the total pressure on the inlet plane near the side wall(such as the "hub" and the "shroud") 20 Pa higher(1atm+190Pa) than other places at the inlet (1atm+170Pa). However, in reality, the total pressure at the inlet should be uniformly 1atm+170. So I guess this may be a numerical error? (On the inlet surface, the grid spacing is much denser near the wall.)

Also, the calculated total pressure at the blade leading edge is around 20 Pa higher than it should be.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem, please? Could anyone please give me some help? Thank you very very much!!

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