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marcolovatto December 8, 2011 05:49

Number of transport equations in k-w SST model

I have learned from some sources that the k-w SST model uses a mixing function between k-e and k-w. So does this mean that k-w SST model resolves ALSO the k-e-two-equation transport equations, making the k-w SST a four-equation turbulence model?

Thank you!


daveatstyacht December 13, 2011 21:37

The SST k-w model is a two equation model based on the k-w equations. The way "blending" is achieved is by a blending function which alters the values of the coefficients used in the model along with the cross diffusion term in the omega equation and the value of the turbulent eddy viscosity. At no point is an equation for epsilon actually solved. Below is a link to the NASA Langley turbulence site page on the SST model which gives the actual transport equations and auxiliary relations.


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