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ellappan1991 December 9, 2011 01:01

what is unstructuerd grid?
sir/mam we are final year students from hindustan university.we startd to do our projct in supersonic biplane.we studied the base papers and we actually now trying to validate what they did.
so we made the geomentry in gambit and approximately made the domain.during mshing they using unstructured grid.hat heck is that us to understand better in gridding and meshing..till now we cont validate.and we using fluent for us pls

jchawner December 11, 2011 17:34

Hello sayee.

A grid is unstructured as opposed to being structured. A structured grid (in 2D) consists of quads arranged in an IxJ array such that it has an implicit structure relating neighboring cells. By comparison, an unstructured grid lacks the implicit structure and therefore must rely on a connectivity table to determine cell adjacency. Structured grids are always quads while an unstructured grid can be either triangles or quads. Wikipedia is your friend:

Best Regards

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