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tichaona December 9, 2011 08:50

Natural ventilation
Dear collegues

I want to model small cubical room with windows and doors inside of a bigger cubical volume. I want to do this in Space Claim. I have tried to do it but am not successfull. Can you help me do that if possible. Or send specific space claim tutorials which deal with modelling buildings (email add:

Also I want to model, a building with separate zones in space claim. May you help me as well.

The bigger volume, I will assume it is the external environment and the boundary conditions for the bigger box, I want to make them environmental conditions. I want to do this so that I can get the boundary conditions on the windows and walls of my small cubical model (please advise if this is the correct approach).

When you have imported your model to fluent, what are the parameters for the boundary conditions that you have to specify on the windows and doors. How do you decide whether its a pressure out let or inlet or velocity inlet or velocity outlet.

The aim of my simulation is to get the effect of openable area configuration on room ventilation. I want to obtain number of air changes achieved by different openable area configurations. I am not sure how I can do this. May you please help.

I also want to assign the actual building materials on my model.

Sorry to ask lots of questions.

Hope to hear from you soonest.

aero_suresh December 9, 2011 14:00

Dear Tichaona,
1. I assume that you are trying to do thermal analysis inside the building because of natural convection alone and optimize ventilation scheme.
2. For that you have to model the building along with the interior if possible.
3. Try hybrid mesh so that only region like window/door you can do some refined mesh
and remaining volume just fill with coarse mesh to save computational time.
4. In fluent, set windows/walls/doors are all no-slip condition - check for your case!
5. Add gravity to get convection effect.
6. Rest of the thing, i assume you know.

tichaona December 9, 2011 14:07

Natural ventilation
Thank you very much for the response. Have you used space claim to create building models.

aero_suresh December 9, 2011 14:12


Originally Posted by tichaona (Post 335328)
Thank you very much for the response. Have you used space claim to create building models.

We are using only ProE or CATIA for modelling.

tichaona December 9, 2011 15:34

Natural ventilation
Ok. Can I have natural ventilation tutorials using Fluent if you have some. Or may you give me relevant websites I will get some tutorials for natural ventilation in buildings using Fluent. I am just a beginner using CFD. So I will appreciate any help that you may give to me.

I want to specify materials for floor, ceiling, roof, in Fluent. How do I do that. How do I also specify the wind direction in Fluent.

Any help you may give is very much appreciated.

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