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Gassan Abdoulaev June 28, 1999 05:35

3D driven cavity reference
Ciao! I am in search of reference computations for the 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes eqs in a driven cavity (unit cube with u = 1 on one face and u = v = w = 0 otherwise). Thank you in advance!


Dmitriy Makarov June 28, 1999 05:54

Re: 3D driven cavity reference

I hope this paper can be useful:

Ku H.C., Hirsh R.C. Taylor T.D. Pseudospectral Method for solution of the Three Dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations // J. Comp. Phys. - 1987. - V.70. - pp.439 - 462.



ulrich bieder June 28, 1999 09:35

Re: 3D driven cavity reference
There has been a GAMM workshop on this problem look at the book of :

Deville M., T.H.Le, Y. Morchoisne: Numerical simulation of 3D incompressible unsteady flow Notes on Numerical Fluide Mechanics Vo l36, Vieweg 1992

there you get experimental data as well as reference simulations


Mayank Tyagi June 29, 1999 12:02

Re: 3D driven cavity reference
Look for papers by Prasad and Koseff (stanford university)

Prasad's Phd. is on driven cavity problem.

Yan Zang'S Phd. (again from Stanford) contains a chapter on the simulation of the 3-D driven cavity

paper by Koseff, J.R. et al (1983) in proceedings of 3rd international conference on numerical methods in laminar and turbulent flows pp 564-581

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