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sunti December 20, 2011 03:03

Turbulence model for wing with deflected flap
Dear all,

I need to run a simulation on a wing with a flap deflection of 30 degrees. The airplane is flying at 40 m/s at sea level. Would the k-omega SST be a good turbulence model to use for this case? Or would you suggest something else?

Further, how do I estimate turbulence intensity and freestream viscosity ratio???

Any suggestions are welcome!

truffaldino December 20, 2011 05:37

I suppose you are talking about full-scale airplane, so that Re is of order 10^6-10^7. In this case the flow will be tubulent almost everywhere and you can use simpler turbulence models such as S-A model. Multi-equation transitional turbulence models shold be more accurate in theory, but in practice they are usually not without a sophisticated user input.

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