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andreas July 20, 2005 14:54

Optimize Vacuum-Cleaner-turbine

I am planning to build my third radiocontrolled vacuum cleaner. What is missing is the geometric data for the radial turbine. The first design was turbine without designed outlet from a commercial handheld battery vac with 70mm diameter, the second design was from a commercial fullsize vac with 110mm (but only one stage was used). The outlet i made of simple balsa stripes. Though the first design had a high speed and rather low efficiency, the second design was better, but the motor is running too slow. For the next design i would like to have something inbetween but i wonder how to get a more efficient design. How much would efficiency be increased if i optimized a turbine for a special set of parameters compared to a rough non-optimized "Try and Error" design? How exact must the input parameters be hit by the real design? How much is the efficiency reduced by parameter variation? Are there examples available on the net? Where can i find a good introduction on vac turbine design?

Thanks Andreas Strecker

Mani July 20, 2005 19:25

Re: Optimize Vacuum-Cleaner-turbine
If I understand you right, you are talking about a compressor, not a turbine. I would suggest to get some fundamental knowledge about compressor design by reading a good book. It doesn't have to be specifically for vaccuum cleaners. There is a classical German text book by Walter Traupel "Thermische Turbomaschinen", which is quite old but still useful at least as an introduction to various concepts.

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