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akhenathon December 24, 2011 12:05

Kiva 4 burning problem
hi everyone,

I'm working on kiva 4 for engine simulation and I'm very new in kiva. I am running the program but i couldnt obtain burning. Fuel enters the cylinder but not burning. Why is the fuel not burning in ignition time?

Also why is the original itape 5 code not working. Please help me... And if it is possible could somebody send me a working itape 5 code to an example?


mel021184 January 3, 2012 11:58

examples for kiva 3V or kiva 4.
Hi, I'm working with kiva 3V.

I need examples for kiva 3V or kiva 4.
non engine application.
someone who can help me?
someone who has worked with kiva 3v or kiva4?
I'm trying to simulate a spray impacting on a surface.

ebrioloco January 5, 2012 00:40

Same here Kiva 4
I'm trying to make combustion using Diesel. As far as we have using equilibrium internals (kwikeq=1) the temperature variations are to high. Using equilibrium equations (nre=4) the sistems does some combustion. But the coefficients of this system of equatios don't include any time term or reaction rate. Kinetics equations (nke=6) are for gasoline and only work with spark plug (these equations barely work)

Any sugestions?
Equilibrium only will do the trick?
or kinetics are needed?
if kinetics are needed wich reduced mechanism can we use?

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