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Nina July 27, 2005 00:26

SWIRL flow in cyclone
I run my cyclone simulation in fluent but instead having a swirling flow, my particles just go straight down the cyclone. I used Mixture, RSM, high order discretization model. Could anyone plz tell me wht I've done wrong? is it my boundary condition? Thank you in advance

apPa July 27, 2005 10:55

Re: SWIRL flow in cyclone
Are u using "Discrete phase model" (DPM) for the particle tracking..??? Also activate "interaction with continous phase"

Nina July 28, 2005 22:02

DPM model
for DPM model should I use injections? or i can put my particles in the inlet stream straight away? If i have to create an injection, my particles is not listed in the material list... How can I create one? Thank u in advance

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