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rks171 January 4, 2012 12:16

Range of wall y+ values
So I ran a simulation for 1000 iterations and it looks like my solution has converged. I checked out the range of my wall y+ values and they are from 0.001 to 193, with most values falling below 30. I read that the standard k-epsilon model doesn't resolve the viscous sublayer, so these values would go too small, but I'm using the realizable two-layer k-epsilon model with all y+ wall treatment which, according to my user manual, says it should resolve the viscous sublayer if my mesh is fine enough. However, I'm new to CFD and turbulence modeling, in particular, so I'm not sure if my y+ values that are 1 or 2 orders of magnitude less than 1 are overkill. Will this slow my solution down due to an excessive number of mesh cells near the wall? Will it cause solution inaccuracies? Should I be targeting a specific range of y+ values?

rks171 January 4, 2012 17:54

Closer inspection of the surfaces in my model using a scalar plot of the y+ values reveals that the very low <1 y+ values occur in small crevices in the model where I'd expect low velocities or recirculation to occur. It seems reasonable to me that a very low y+ value in these regions would be expected due to the very low velocity.

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