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lakeat January 10, 2012 12:49

How to generate this mesh?
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I saw a multiblock mesh which can save the total grid number a lot as seen in the attached picture, does anyone know how to generate these kind of mesh?

I know blockMesh can merge patches, but I think it is too complicated to handle this.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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JBeilke January 10, 2012 16:10

lakeat January 10, 2012 16:12


Originally Posted by JBeilke (Post 338697)

Thanks, But I mean the mesh would be discontinuous between adjacent blocks. I dont think gridPro can do than.

JBeilke January 10, 2012 16:24

Why do you want hanging nodes when you can get a better mesh without it? The trick is to use a smart topology like a compact enrichment.

The local refinement can be done later with ProStar or one of the OpenFoam meshing tools, but it is not a sign of good meshing to do it this way.

lakeat January 10, 2012 16:34

Hmm, so I guess you know how to convert the mesh with internal faces to OF format? Can you share with me the converter? I'd really appreciate it.

JBeilke January 10, 2012 16:47

I would do the refinement in Prostar and export the mesh to OF either in star4 or ccm format. There are converters for both formats in OF.

But as I wrote before I would not use a local refinement for this geometry.

lakeat January 10, 2012 16:49

Sorry, my bad, I mean gridPro. You have the converter?

PS1: I thought the term "internal surface" is the invention of GridPro. I didn't notice that Star ccm uses it too.

PS2: prostar us not free....

JBeilke January 10, 2012 18:50


Originally Posted by lakeat (Post 338708)
PS1: I thought the term "internal surface" is the invention of GridPro. I didn't notice that Star ccm uses it too.

The internal surface mentioned in the tutorial is just there to guide the elliptic smoother in gridpro. The resulting mesh is a pure hex mesh with 1 by 1 connectivity. There are also converers for GridPro to OF.


Originally Posted by lakeat (Post 338709)
PS2: prostar is not free....

Nothing is for free. Not even the death, because it costs your life ;-)

lakeat January 11, 2012 11:38

And do you have a solution to my another post.

Thank you very much.

JBeilke January 11, 2012 14:15

It's there.

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