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rbprat01 January 14, 2012 14:02

Coupling of state equations and fluid solver
I'm trying to use Fluent to model the transient response of a valve with a high pressure flow going over it. This requires not only the fluid simulation (which I've used before) but also a 6 DOF valve with just the tip constrained to not move (so the valve stem might bend slightly and move with response to the flow but the tip would at a fixed point). I've never used fluent for this type of simulation before and if anyone could point me to a tutorial for help on how to do this sort of simulation that would be helpful. Also any literature on how Fluent couples these to different solvers (the structural and fluid solvers) would be helpful.

Thank you.

Rahul_W January 18, 2012 14:21

you can use ACE+ I have solved such problem in ACE+ and got good results.

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