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vmajor January 17, 2012 00:38

Job opportunity, help set up CFD/FEA for a small company

we are a bike company and I am the lead geek in charge. But I know very little about CFD and FEA, not even enough to specify a job for the job board on this site. Our engineers are likewise not overly familiar with CFD, and have limited grasp of FEA which does not extend to composites. We rely heavily on actual sample testing on test rigs and by riders.

Thus I am doing a somewhat unusual thing and asking for assistance from qualified members of this forum, even for formulating our basic needs since I may be entirely misguided.

My objective is to achieve basic self-sufficiency for our company when it comes to CFD for aerodynamics, and FEA for bicycle products. I believe that this would require learning how to use just a few select tools.

Thus from what I can see, we would need help with the following workflow:

Model generation/transfer (we use Pro/E) -> Meshing -> analysis -> model adjustment/programmatic iteration -> analysis -> repeat.

FEA could be simple, just to identify more unusual stress locations, but over time I'd like us to be able to apply composite modelling tools that understand layup and fibre directionality and are ideally capable of generating layup patterns for computerised prepreg cutting machines.

I would like us to stay with open source (except Pro/E due to production requirements) and even make use of open source geometry modification tools for iteration. I am reasonably proficient in Linux and we have a CAELinux 2011 installed.

Therefore, if anyone is interested in working on bike industry specific CFD/FEA using open source tools (preferably those bundled and pre-configured with CAELinux 2011), please send me a PM or reply here.

If you are familiar with CUDA/OpenCL solvers and hardware specs needed to get good price/performance, that would be useful since we'll then go and build a machine to suit our(your) needs - within reason :)


yasir_CAE April 1, 2012 05:02

CAE Help
Hi vmajor,

I was just going through you post and i understand you need some one to help you out in Doing FEA related work for you.

Well, in case if you are still open. We can talk further in how i can help you in setting up a FEA team or work.

I have 6 years of extensive work experience in FEA.

I have worked on all the latest Analysis software's like ABAQUS, NASTRAN, RADIOSS, HYPERMESH, ANSA etc.

I have worked on different types of analysis like Linear Static Analysis, non-Linear Static Analysis, Linear Dynamic Analysis, Frequency Response Analysis,
Modal Analysis etc.

If you have any type of Meshing work like Shell, Hex, Tet you can send me the work.

Presently working for a U.S client in FEA.

Please reply so that we can move further.

Thanks & Regards:-

cfd_newbie April 3, 2012 21:16

Dear Victor,
I suggest you contact some CFD vendor company (CD Adapco, Metacomp, Zeus Numerix, ANSYS etc.) they can help you in defining and setting up your initial setup. Once things are up and running you can improve them based on your own need/suitability.
Word of caution you have to be very tough on monetary negotiations with any company if you want to get a good deal.

Mithrandir April 4, 2012 14:30

If you use Pro/E (Wildfire or Creo).. you have a nice FEA package that is a built in module (that cost more of course) called Mechanica....

and the company formerly known as CFDesign (Now an Autocad..errr. Autodesk owned company) has a CFD package that integrates wonderfully with Pro/E

I think they call it "Autodesk Simulation CFD 2012" now...

it really is a slick software package.... and play nice with pro/E... launch'able from pro/E

and the customer support is good too....

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