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Abdelkader_Aero January 17, 2012 17:35

continuety equation
hello for everyone , sorry for my bad english :confused:
i have a problem with countinety equation that do not want to converge , i use the model Spalart almars to simulate the flow over NACA 633618 and after 8000 itirations the equation of countinuety seems that is stable (the residual don't chage a lot of around 1 e-02) so i stoped the calculating and i obtianed the y+ around of 0.1 until 0.7 , but there is something not cler for me because i obtained at alpha =0 deg cl = 5.1581051e-01 and cd = 3.7074307e-02
so it 's not normal drag coefficient for 2d simulation , if anyone can help i told him thank you in advance, Merci :)

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