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San24 August 2, 2005 21:16

How to do Geometry from 3D mesh in ICEM

Please, tell me how I can do geometry from ansys 3D mesh in ICEM.

I have 3D model of quarter my apparatus in ANSYS. Number of nodes and elements is maximum taking into account time of solution. I need to make model of full apparatus with about the same numbers elements and nodes or even smaller.

It would be great to make surface mesh on boudaries of 3D mesh. Then to do geomtry from surface mesh, to cut geometry by blocks, and mesh blocks with new desired grid.

ANSYS Mesh were imported to ICEM without problems.

I have found comand "Mesh-Facets" in menu EDIT

1.2.5: Mesh Facets This option will convert unstructured mesh format into the faceted geometry data.

After it execution, i've got message "From current mesh, imported 0 surfaces, 0 curves, 0 points, 53 materials "

Some people tell me what this operation can be made in HyperMesh through one comand. But I haven't HM, and I heard it can be made by ICEM.

Ahmed August 2, 2005 22:37

Re: How to do Geometry from 3D mesh in ICEM
It is almost impossible to advice on a problem without knowing the exact geometry and flow field. Can you use symmetry BC. on your quarter model? I hope this will help

San24 August 2, 2005 22:57

Re: How to do Geometry from 3D mesh in ICEM
Unfortunately, I can't use symmetry BC, because i described my trouble with solid part of my model.

It will be Conjugate Heat Transfer. I have to make model with Solid part, and inside it will be fluid flow, but Fluid part haven't symmetry. Quarter model I have from ANSYS Termal-Stress analysis.

In common words, apparatus is Solid box, inside box is cavity with fluid, whete take place heat generation from unsymmetry located burners.

Myron August 3, 2005 09:04

Re: How to do Geometry from 3D mesh in ICEM
You first need to extract the surface mesh from the volume mesh. Do the Edit Mesh, Check Mesh functions for Uncovered Faces and Missing Internal Faces. For any problem areas it will ask for a new Family/Part for the new surface elements. Once you have those, you can do the Mesh-Facets command.

San24 August 8, 2005 02:49

Re: How to do Geometry from 3D mesh in ICEM
Thanks very much. Its work.

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