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harish_0689@ January 20, 2012 05:28

2D Implicit HLLC scheme
Hello, I have developed implicit HLLC scheme for the euler equations and tried to test it on some 2-dimensional cases. But i found few problems with it and do not know the reasons for it.
1) my CFL number is not going beyond 5 for the implicit case
2) supersonic cases are totally diverging.

can anyone tell me what is the problem, is it the nature of the HLLC implicit scheme or am i doing some mistake.

the matrix solver i am using is GMRES

duri January 21, 2012 09:14

HLLC scheme is best suited for high mach cases. Something might be problem with you implementation. To check you implementation first try with 1D Shock tube cases given in Toro.

harish_0689@ January 21, 2012 14:22

I have solved C_D nozzle problem which is a quasi 1d problem and it converged. Anyway i vl try the shocktube problem and check.

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